Course Curriculum

Five (5) two-hour lessons include Meditation, Song, Prayer, and the Principles and Archetypes of each Direction

  • The Directions: East, South, West, North, Center, Above, Below

  • Bands Of Power: Embodying the 7 archetypes for protection and guidance. Use these archetypes to transform what is coming at you into something far more useful

  • Healers Rites: Awaken the inner healer (or feed it if it has already been awakened). This Rite pays a lot of attention around your self-practises as a healer

  • Seers Rites: Awakening the five threads of intuition, what you see is where you choose to look. Exploring the dimensions of sight

  • Harmony Rites: The human experience is made up of many layers but they are not always in agreement. This Rite clears disharmony between the 7 archetypes

  • Day Keepers Rites: Integration of the Divine Feminine

  • Wisdom Keepers Rites: Integration of the Divine Masculine

  • Earth Keepers Rites: Integration of the elements to dream your world into being

Who Is This Walk For?

Anyone who wishes to learn how to walk the Medicine Wheel in their own way. You will learn an introduction to various other traditions that include: Taoist, Inka/Q’ero, Pagan, and New Age variations

Course Schedule and Logistics

  • Live Online Lessons over 3 Weekends in June: Saturday June 6, plus June 13, 14, 20, and 21

  • All Live lessons from 2PM - 4PM UK time (BST)

  • Recorded Lessons will be yours to keep, and available if you miss a live class (Live is always more fun!)

  • Email if you have questions about logistics or about the Course

Calculate Your Time Zone

Live Lesson Time: 2PM BST on June 6, 13, 14, 20, 21, 28

  • London: 2PM

  • East Coast (USA): 9 AM

  • West Coast (USA): 6 AM

  • Sydney: 11PM

    Apologies! Register and you'll still have access to the recorded lesson; and feel free to ask questions!

  • Jakarta: 8 PM

Pricing options

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This Process is a Catalyst For Your Own Unique Way Of Living

* Awaken Your Own Inner Gifts * Develop Clearer Insights * Further Enhance Intuition * Integrate Archetypes *