Adventures into the Unconscious: A Freedom Journey

According to Metagenealogy, what we call our identity is the result of a complex set of belief systems, imprinted conditioning, a multi-generational history of patterns, repetitive loops, and a dash of the unconsciously made decisions in our childhood. This Journey brings us to our Freedom.

  • The Tool: Evolutive Tarot of Marseille

  • Jodorowsky’s magnificent restoration of the traditional French Tarot was created to be the wand for the journey ahead.

  • Evolutive Tarot of Marseille is an ancient realm packed with symbolism and wisdom. We use the archetypes of the Arcana to identify, trace and recognize all those hidden patterns and beliefs that create the reality we see--our own neurotic comedy. Working with the tarot, the unconscious heals/integrates into awareness & awakening to true self.

  • The Practice: Psychomagic

  • A performative act that, depending on what the tarot shows, is done to trick the unconscious into "thinking" that we are following certain belief or family patterns, when we are actually healing it through integration and alignment.

  • The Journey is an immersive dive into your unconscious experience, creating breathtaking epiphanies and floods of healing awareness.

  • The Offering: 16 Immersive Dives

  • Dive into the overall experience of the Major Arcana journey, plus the Minor Arcana: symbolism, Tarot numerology, color meaning, and the immersive experience of the 4 centers of the human experience: Mind, emotion, physical and creative/sexual.

  • 3 more dives of practice: receive your own personal major reading and Psychomagic. This practice will allow for giving and receiving readings.

  • Daily Structure: Activation of the energy of the Arcana by embodiment through meditation; receiving meanings on a cognitive level; interpretations; Psychomagic related to belief system/patterns/conditioning scenarios; and, homework/practice.

Early Bird Special before December 31

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What to Expect

  • Prepare to let go of any idea you have of your Self, and for your ego to die in every possible way, multiple times!

  • You will receive all the tools you need to interpret & read the Evolutive tarot of Marseille.

  • After this Psychomagic experience of liberating yourself and committing to your process, you will be able to provide it to others.

  • A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This work is absolutely based on the responsibility that you take. I am not GIVING you the freedom- you are that now and you just need to realize it. Yet I, as your pilot/guide, can only show you the’ll need to cross it! It is a commitment to your process and realization of self, which I can assure you, if done wholly, will absolutely change your life for the most amazing good.

The Journey into Freedom...

starts when we, by taking responsibility for our creation, decide to go hunting for all the scattered aspects of ourselves.

16-Week Course Schedule & Logistics

Live, 3-hour online class every Wednesday: February 3 - May 19

  • 4PM UK Time. The last session of each month will include an additional Q&A session.

  • Classes will be recorded and available to watch for a few days, but this is not a self-guided course. You will be expected to follow the scheduled curriculum.

  • Recorded classes will *not* be yours to keep, but the knowledge and training will be deeply embedded and integrated by the end of the course.

  • This is an intimate training setting, with only 22 spots available.

  • Required Resources (not provided): Your very own Tarot of Marseille: the one restored by Jodorowsky & Camoin, and Jodorowsky’s "The Way Of Tarot" book!

  • Please email with questions.


*Timing for the 2-Payment Option can be flexible **Early Bird: £100 off before December 31 -- CAMOIN100

About María Soledad

Your pilot.

  • Trained by Alejandro Jodorowsky--restorer of the Evolutive Tarot de Marseille-- in Metagenealogy, Psychomagic and Evolutive Tarot in the only direct training he has offered. Now I serve with this empowering and revealing tool of wisdom.

  • The purpose: break free and become the powerful true selves we are to fulfill our unique and amazing missions!

  • All this seasoned by bringing my own performative, delicious take on it, channeling non-stop Realness, receiving and sharing every bit of activated wisdom running through my veins.