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    Short Core Sequences

    • 15-Minute Core Warm-Up for Twists and Rotation

    • 15-Minute Basic Core Warm-Up (Focus on Core's Relationship with Hips)

    • Let Go of Core Tension —20 mins

    • TVA Activation (Transverse Abdominis--Optimize your exhale and low back stability) - 28 Minutes

    • 30-Minute Warm-Up Dedicated to Your Heart (Optimize Breath & Intrinsic Core, Plus Spinal Stability)

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    Video Yoga Practices

    • Beginner Friendly: Down Regulate Your Nervous System with Steady Breath —50 Minutes

    • Connect to Your Inner Treasures: Lower Abs and Hips —50 Minutes

    • Breathe Deeply For Yourself (Standing Pose Series w/ Emphasis on Shoulders)—50 Minutes

    • Unwind After Sitting (Neck, Shoulders, Hips)—60 mins

    • Breathe for Yourself (Optimizing Breath {IAP} and Thoracic Opening & Mobility)—65 mins

    • Get Out of Your Funk and Into Your Flow — 70 Minutes

    • Forge New Pathways (Shoulder Stabilization through Compensation Pattern Awareness)—75 mins

    • Connect to Spirit (Deep Hip Opening & Stability w/ Choice of Inversion as Apex)—80 mins

    • Live Recorded Class: Brighten Your Spirit -- 80 Minutes

    • Pick a Spot that Needs More Pride (Shoulder work and Heart Opening) — 85 Minutes

    • Strengthening Shoulders to Open & Strengthen Your Heart -- 85 Minutes

    • Be Your Own Cheerleader (2-Pose vignettes w/ focus on shoulders) — 90 Minutes

    • Live Recorded Class: Optimize breath for SI Joint and Low Back Instability—90 mins

    • Letting Go of Being Needy (Apex Inversion Pose: Diving Deity) —90 mins

    • Pick a Spot in your Back (Optimize function of your Spine) —97 Minutes

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    Short Yoga Practices (45 Minutes or Less)

    • Wake-Up Slowly (Short Sequence, including some Self-Guided Suns)—25 mins

    • Wake Your Energy Up (Twists with Thoracic Expansion)—35 mins

    • Energise Your Spirit (Twists and Hip Opening)—35 mins

    • Short Sequence w/ Standing Pose Series—45 mins

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    Sciatica Sequence

    • Sequence for Sciatica: Stage 1 (Start here for Sciatica videos)

    • Sequence for Sciatica: Stage 2 (Start with Stage 1 video!)

    • Sequence for Sciatica: Stage 3 (Start with Stage 1 & Stage 2 Videos!)

    • Full Sciatica Sequence: Stages 1-3 (Quest for your Healing) — 43 Minutes

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    Bonus Meditation for Stress Reduction

    • Yoga Nidra Meditation-- 35 Minutes

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    Audio Yoga Practices- Recorded Live Classes

    • Meet Your Own Needs (Shoulder Stabilization And Structural Restoration)—52 mins

    • Hips & Neck with Back Stabilization—90 mins

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