Curriculum Outline (2 - 4:30PM UK Time)

Each Chapter will include theory, lessons, illustrations, videos, and discussion

  • Chapter #1 - The Origin of Breath and Movement [July 17]

  • Chapter #2 - Core: The Origin of Force and Movement [July 19]

  • Chapter #3 - The Origin of Spinal Mobility & Stability [July 24]

  • Chapter #5 - The Origin of Obstacles in Movement [July 26]

  • Chapter #5 - Putting it all together: Building Origin of Movement Theory into Practice [July 31]

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A 20-Hour Online Training Course for Anyone Fascinated by the Anatomy & Physiology of Movement

Begins July 17, 2020

  • Understand the Patterns, Optimize the Potential

    Dive into the theory of human developmental patterns of movement, and how understanding and tracking these patterns can help us rewire and optimize our breath, our movement, and our strength.

  • Original Content & Exercises are Yours to Keep

    Each week is designed to build on the previous week's knowledge and practice of the stages of human development. Jambo will provide original content --including videos, exercises, and theory-- which can be learned at the scheduled pace of the course AND kept for further exploration and integration into your movement practices.

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