New Lunar Year Ceremony

Welcome to the official FINAL day of the 2020 lunar cycle! All members of the school are invited to join this 2 hour ceremony for FREE! In this 2-hour ceremony you will:

  • This ceremony is a calling in of our ancestors and guides to join us for a ritual of letting go of the cobwebs that we may still be carrying with us. This includes self-forgiveness and an energetic clearing practise of our body and home.

  • This will be followed by a transmission of The Medicine Buddha to guide us to share our personal medicine in a courageous way throughout 2021.

  • You can participate by just immersing in the experience or you can follow the steps in your own home. Which ever choice you make, the ceremony is still valid!

  • The following items are not necessary but you may bring them if you wish to participate by following along with the steps of the ceremony:

  • Incense (9 sticks); Incense holders (or cups with rice/sand); Candles 3 or 6 Flowers; Fruit; Candy; Herbal tea; A cup or bowl of water; Your favourite stones; Your favourite meal/dessert that you can buy or make; Mala beads

The ceremony is FREE for Jambo Dragon School Members. Check your email for your Red Envelope with the Code.

Calculate Your Time Zone

Live Ceremony Time: 3PM GMT (UK Time) on February 11

  • London: 3 PM

  • East Coast (USA): 10 AM

  • West Coast (USA): 7 AM

  • Jakarta: 10 PM

  • Sydney: 2 AM