We begin September 3rd, 2020

Jambo will lead you through your journey with a combination of pre-recorded meditations & practises plus live, online interactions!! Here's what you get during the 28 days:

  • Learn to balance Water, Wood & Fire elements--in 5-Element Theory--to tap into your ability to relax and have fun!

  • New recorded meditations each week, inspired by Nidra, Nei Gong, 8-Phase Meditation & Self-Acupressure techniques.

  • There is no schedule to follow. Just show up for yourself by practicing the meditations and showing up in the community discussions!

  • Live bonus videos from Jambo with opportunities to interact and ask questions

  • Access to an awesome Online Community through a private Facebook Group just for you and your fellow participants

  • A 28-Day container to amplify and support our individual journey to letting go and self-soothing -- for Only £28!

  • Because this is about the deep internal experience & integration within the container of our community, materials will only be available to keep during the 28-Day Challenge

Are You Ready to Let Go of Being Overly Serious, and Relax into Your Golden Path?

Join our Community for this transformational 28-Day Experience

Treat Your Spirit

5-Element Theory & Meditation Practices: The Art of Letting Go

The secret to having more fun and joy is laying down & resting!

  • When your goals are so focused around doing, and you discover yourself within such a high level of seriousness, you are stuck in the Wood element of Spirit. Goals and visionary states are wonderful qualities that enhance out direction in life, but when I am overly focused, it can be hard to take a toilet break, let alone have a lay down!

  • We will play with bringing more Fire (fun, joy, excitement) into our lives by working with the element of Water--which loves to lay down and rest!

  • This combination of short meditations and practises are inspired from relaxing into out our Tao, into our own organic pace, which is easily pushed aside when we are too goal oriented. These techniques will help us relax when times are tough, take time out to do some much needed self-soothing, and return back to a relaxed nature.

The course begins on September 3, 2020 -- save your spot now!

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