We begin May 1st, 2021

Re-design your life through Jambo's 8-phase meditation on your own schedule during our 28-day community container. Here's what you get during the 28 days:

  • A 28-day journey to creating the way your live, work, play & love, through the powerful experience of Jambo's 8-Phase Meditation

  • New recorded meditations and exercises each week - to be done on your own schedule within the 28 days

  • Live bonus videos from Jambo with opportunities to interact and ask questions

  • Access to an awesome Online Community through a private Facebook Group just for you and your fellow participants

  • A 28-Day container to amplify and support our individual meditation practices - for only £28!

  • Because this is about the deep internal experience & integration, materials will be available only during the 28-day container

  • For any questions, please email sally@jamboyoga.com

Are You Ready to Elevate your Meditation and Manifestation Practice?

Join our journey to re-designing your life with Jambo's 8-Phase Meditation

What is Jambo's 8-Phase Meditation Method?

The perfect blend of traditional and modern gives you the power to know what YOU need

Each phase has been carefully selected from traditional, researched methods and modern day suggestions of mind-body union practises.

Here is why we need this perfect blend:

Traditional methods take us deep, but are not necessarily always useful for modern day living. 

Modern techniques are ideal for coping in our modern day lifestyles, but often do not take us deep into the places we really want to explore. 

We need a combination of both.

Whether you are brand new to meditation or have lots of meditation experience, this organised sequence of practises helps us tap into the various aspects of a healthy meditator's psyche, and find what YOU need from your meditation practise. 

I hope this practise allows you to return back to yourself as well as it has for me. 

P.S. I really hope you enjoy the collection of my life’s work as a practitioner of meditation

After 26 years experimenting with various traditions, including being brought up as a Buddhist and a Taoist, I have realised that the 8-Phases method easily synergises the richness of where I have come from with the blueprint of my deepest dreams and the awe of my present moment. I hope this practise does the same for you. -------Jambo